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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/branches/SMLNJ/src/runtime/include/ml-globals.h
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Diff of /sml/branches/SMLNJ/src/runtime/include/ml-globals.h

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revision 28, Thu Mar 12 01:05:57 1998 UTC revision 29, Thu Mar 12 01:05:59 1998 UTC
# Line 35  Line 35 
35  #endif  #endif
37  extern ml_val_t _Div_id0[];  extern ml_val_t _Div_id0[];
 extern ml_val_t _Div_e0[];  
38  #define DivId           PTR_CtoML(_Div_id0+1)  #define DivId           PTR_CtoML(_Div_id0+1)
 #define DivExn          PTR_CtoML(_Div_e0+1)  
40  extern ml_val_t _Overflow_id0[];  extern ml_val_t _Overflow_id0[];
 extern ml_val_t _Overflow_e0[];  
41  #define OverflowId      PTR_CtoML(_Overflow_id0+1)  #define OverflowId      PTR_CtoML(_Overflow_id0+1)
 #define OverflowExn     PTR_CtoML(_Overflow_e0+1)  
43  #if defined(ASM_MATH)  #if defined(ASM_MATH)
44  extern ml_val_t _Ln_e0[];  extern ml_val_t _Ln_id0[];
45  #define LnExn PTR_CtoML(_Ln_e0+1)  #define LnId PTR_CtoML(_Ln_id0+1)
46  extern ml_val_t _Sqrt_e0[];  extern ml_val_t _Sqrt_id0[];
47  #define SqrtExn PTR_CtoML(_Sqrt_e0+1)  #define SqrtId PTR_CtoML(_Sqrt_id0+1)
48  #endif  #endif
50  extern ml_val_t sigh_resume[];  extern ml_val_t sigh_resume[];

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