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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/branches/idlbasis-devel/src/MLRISC/hppa/hppa.mdl
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Diff of /sml/branches/idlbasis-devel/src/MLRISC/hppa/hppa.mdl

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revision 858, Wed Jun 27 21:20:27 2001 UTC revision 859, Wed Jun 27 21:43:12 2001 UTC
# Line 1003  Line 1003 
1003          pipeline: BRANCH          pipeline: BRANCH
1005      | BL of {lab:Label.label ,t: $GP, defs: $cellset, uses: $cellset,      | BL of {lab:Label.label ,t: $GP, defs: $cellset, uses: $cellset,
1006               mem:Region.region, n:bool}               cutsTo: Label.label list, mem:Region.region, n:bool}
1007          asm: ``bl<n>\t<lab>, <t><mem><emit_defs(defs)><emit_uses(uses)>''          asm: ``bl<n>\t<lab>, <t><mem><emit_defs(defs)><emit_uses(uses)><emit_cutsTo cutsTo>''
1008          mc:  branchLink(0wx3a,t,lab,0w0,n)          mc:  branchLink(0wx3a,t,lab,0w0,n)
1009          nullified: n = true          nullified: n = true
1010          delayslot candidate: false          delayslot candidate: false
1011          pipeline: BRANCH          pipeline: BRANCH
1013      | BLE of {d:operand,b: $GP, sr:int, t: $GP,      | BLE of {d:operand,b: $GP, sr:int, t: $GP,
1014                defs: $cellset, uses: $cellset, mem:Region.region}                defs: $cellset, uses: $cellset, cutsTo: Label.label list,
1015                  mem:Region.region}
1016          asm: ``ble\t<d>(<emit_int sr>,<b>)<mem><          asm: ``ble\t<d>(<emit_int sr>,<b>)<mem><
1017                 emit_defs(defs)><emit_uses(uses)>''                 emit_defs(defs)><emit_uses(uses)><emit_cutsTo cutsTo>''
1018          mc:  (case (d,C.registerId t) of          mc:  (case (d,C.registerId t) of
1019                 (I.IMMED 0,31) =>                 (I.IMMED 0,31) =>
1020                   BranchExternal{Op=0wx39,b=b,w1=0w0,s=assemble_3(itow sr),                   BranchExternal{Op=0wx39,b=b,w1=0w0,s=assemble_3(itow sr),

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