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[smlnj] View of /sml/branches/rt-transition/idl-specs/sml-basis.idl
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View of /sml/branches/rt-transition/idl-specs/sml-basis.idl

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Revision 2983 - (download) (annotate)
Sat Apr 12 16:26:30 2008 UTC (14 years, 5 months ago) by jhr
File size: 8200 byte(s)
  Move idl-specs into a higher-level directory, since they are used
  to generate both SML and runtime-system code.
/* sml-basis.idl
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 2001 Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies.
 * This file is a ML-IDL specification of the run-time library
 * that supports the generic system interfaces of the SML'97 Basis.

sml_structure ("SMLBasis");
sml_signature ("SML_BASIS");
clib_name ("SMLBasis");

cpp_quote("#include \"ml-timer.h\"");	/* for Time_t */

/******************** Useful IDL types ********************/

typedef [string] char* idl_string;

/******************** Common SML types ********************/

typedef [sml_type ("Word8Vector.vector")] sml_value ML_word8vec_t;
typedef [sml_type ("Word8Vector.vector option")] sml_value ML_word8vec_opt_t;
typedef [sml_type ("Word8Array.array")] sml_value ML_word8arr_t;
typedef [sml_type ("CharVector.vector")] sml_value ML_charvec_t;
typedef [sml_type ("CharVector.vector option")] sml_value ML_charvec_opt_t;
typedef [sml_type ("CharArray.array")] sml_value ML_chararr_t;
typedef [sml_type ("unit")] sml_value ML_unit_t;
typedef [sml_type ("bool")] sml_value ML_bool_t;
typedef [sml_type ("int")] sml_value ML_int_t;
typedef [sml_type ("Int32.int")] sml_value ML_int32_t;
typedef [sml_type ("string")] sml_value ML_string_t;
typedef [sml_type ("string option")] sml_value ML_string_opt_t;
typedef [sml_type ("string list")] sml_value ML_string_list_t;
typedef [sml_type ("int option")] sml_value ML_int_opt_t;

/******************** Exported run-time system types ********************/
/* typedef [ptr] struct struct_iodesc *IODesc_t; */
/* typedef [ptr] struct struct_directory *Directory_t; */
/* typedef [sml_type("Unsafe.Object.object")] sml_value ML_iodesc_t; */
typedef [sml_type("word")] sml_value ML_iodesc_t;
typedef [sml_type("Unsafe.Object.object")] sml_value ML_directory_t;
typedef [exclude] struct struct_time {
  int seconds;
  int uSeconds;
} Time_t;
typedef [sml_type ("(word * word) list")] sml_value
typedef [sml_type ("(word * word) list")] sml_value

/******************** Types for argument passing ********************/

typedef struct struct_date {
  sml_int tm_sec;
  sml_int tm_min;
  sml_int tm_hour;
  sml_int tm_mday;
  sml_int tm_mon;
  sml_int tm_year;
  sml_int tm_wday;
  sml_int tm_yday;
  sml_int tm_isdst;
} Date_t;

/******************** IEEEReal support ********************/

const sml_int TO_NEAREST = 0;
const sml_int TO_NEGINF = 1;
const sml_int TO_POSINF = 2;
const sml_int TO_ZERO = 3;

sml_int getRoundingMode ();
void setRoundingMode ([in] sml_int mode);

/******************** BinPrimIO and TextPrimIO support ********************/

/* openFile flags: one of (OPEN_RD, OPEN_WR, OPEN_RDWR) ored with others */
const sml_int OPEN_RD = 1;
const sml_int OPEN_WR = 2;
const sml_int OPEN_RDWR = 3;
const sml_int OPEN_CREATE = 4;
const sml_int OPEN_TRUNC = 8;
const sml_int OPEN_APPEND = 16;

[sml_context] ML_iodesc_t openFile (
    [in] ML_string_t s,
    [in] sml_int flags);
void closeFile ([in] ML_iodesc_t iod);

/* compare two ID descriptors; returns <0, =0, or >0 */
sml_int cmpIODesc ([in] ML_iodesc_t iod1, [in] ML_iodesc_t iod2);

/* I/O operations: non-blocking is supported by passing true for
 * the first argument.  If the operation would block, then it returns
 * either NONE (for read*Vec) or -1.  EOF is signalled by returning
 * either SOME("") (for read*Vec) or 0.  Errors are signalled by raising
 * an exception.
[sml_context] ML_charvec_opt_t readTextVec (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] sml_int nbytes);
[sml_context] ML_int_t readTextArr (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_chararr_t arr,
    [in] sml_int nbytes,
    [in] sml_int offset);
[sml_context] ML_int_t writeTextVec (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_charvec_t buf,
    [in] sml_int offset,
    [in] sml_int nbytes);
[sml_context] ML_int_t writeTextArr (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_chararr_t buf,
    [in] sml_int offset,
    [in] sml_int nbytes);
[sml_context] ML_word8vec_opt_t readBinVec (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] sml_int nbytes);
[sml_context] ML_int_t readBinArr (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_word8arr_t arr,
    [in] sml_int nbytes,
    [in] sml_int offset);
[sml_context] ML_int_t writeBinVec (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_word8vec_t buf,
    [in] sml_int offset,
    [in] sml_int nbytes);
[sml_context] ML_int_t writeBinArr (
    [in] ML_bool_t noblock,
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_word8arr_t buf,
    [in] sml_int offset,
    [in] sml_int nbytes);
const sml_int SET_POS_BEGIN = 0;
const sml_int SET_POS_CUR = 1;
const sml_int SET_POS_END = 2;
[sml_context] ML_int32_t getPos ([in] ML_iodesc_t iod);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t setPos (
    [in] ML_iodesc_t iod,
    [in] ML_int32_t offset,
    [in] sml_int whence);

/******************** TextIO support ********************/

ML_iodesc_t getStdIn ();
ML_iodesc_t getStdOut ();
ML_iodesc_t getStdErr ();

/******************** OS support ********************/

[sml_context] ML_string_t errorName ([in] int err);
[sml_context] ML_string_t errorMessage ([in] int err);
[sml_context] ML_int_opt_t syserror ([in] string errName);

/******************** OS.Process support ********************/

[sml_context] ML_int_t osSystem ([in] string name);
void exitProc ([in] sml_int sts);
[sml_context] ML_string_opt_t getEnv ([in] string ss);
void osSleep ([in, ref] Time_t *t);

/******************** OS.FileSys support ********************/

[sml_context] ML_directory_t openDir ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_string_opt_t readDir ([in] ML_directory_t dir);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t rewindDir ([in] ML_directory_t dir);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t closeDir ([in] ML_directory_t dir);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t chDir ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_string_t getDir ();
[sml_context] ML_unit_t mkDir ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t rmDir ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_bool_t isReg ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_bool_t isDir ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_bool_t isLink ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_string_t readLink ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_int32_t fileSize ([in] string path);
/* NOTE: modTime returns the time in seconds! */
[sml_context] ML_int32_t modTime ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t setTime ([in] string path, [in, unique] Time_t *t);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t removeFile ([in] string path);
[sml_context] ML_unit_t renameFile ([in] string old, [in] string new);
const sml_int A_READ = 1;
const sml_int A_WRITE = 2;
const sml_int A_EXEC = 4;
[sml_context] ML_bool_t fileAccess ([in] string path, [in] sml_int mode);
[sml_context] ML_string_t tmpName ();
[sml_context] ML_word8vec_t fileId ([in] string path);

/******************** OS.IO support ********************/

const sml_int IOD_KIND_FILE = 0;
const sml_int IOD_KIND_DIR = 1;
const sml_int IOD_KIND_SYMLINK = 2;
const sml_int IOD_KIND_TTY = 3;
const sml_int IOD_KIND_PIPE = 4;
const sml_int IOD_KIND_SOCKET = 5;
const sml_int IOD_KIND_DEVICE = 6;

[sml_context] ML_int_t ioDescKind ([in] ML_iodesc_t iod);

/* bit flags for poll descriptors and poll_info descriptors */
const sml_word POLL_RD = 1;
const sml_word POLL_WR = 2;
const sml_word POLL_ERR = 4;

[sml_context] ML_pollinfo_list_t osPoll (
	[in] ML_polldesc_list_t pds,
	[in, unique] Time_t *t);

/******************** Time support ********************/

void now ([out, ref] Time_t *t);

/******************** Date support ********************/

[sml_context] ML_string_t ascTime([in, ref] Date_t *date);
[sml_context] ML_string_t strfTime([in] string fmt, [in, ref] Date_t *date);
void gmTime ([in, ref] Time_t *t, [out, ref] Date_t *date);
void localTime ([in, ref] Time_t *t, [out, ref] Date_t *date);
void mkTime ([in, ref] Date_t *date, [out, ref] Time_t *time);

/******************** Timer support ********************/

[sml_context] void getCPUTime (
	[out, ref] Time_t *u,
	[out, ref] Time_t *s,
	[out, ref] Time_t *g);

/******************** CommandLine support ********************/

void cmdName ([out, ref] string *s);
[sml_context] ML_string_list_t cmdArgs ();

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