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[smlnj] View of /sml/releases/release-110.31/tests/basis/tests/README
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View of /sml/releases/release-110.31/tests/basis/tests/README

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Fri Dec 8 15:16:36 2000 UTC (21 years, 9 months ago)
File size: 975 byte(s)
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This directory (tests/basis/tests) contains test cases for most of the
required structures in the new SML Basis Library.
1995-03-23, 1996-04-19, 1997-03-12, 2000-02-29

The directory must contain this file "README" and three symbolic links:

   testlink -> README
   testcycl -> testcycl
   testbadl -> exists.not

It must not contain a file or directory named "exists.not".

It must also contain two files


which are hard links to the same file.

To create the symbolic links, execute the following commands in
this directory (tests/basis/tests).

   ln -s README testlink
   ln -s testcycl testcycl
   ln -s exists.not testbadl 

To create hardlinkA and hardlinkB, execute the following

   touch hardlinkA
   ln hardlinkA hardlinkB

Note: the files testlink, testcycl, testbadl, hardlinkA and hardlinkB
are not in the CVS repository for sml/tests.  They have to be manually
created after the directory is checked out.

Dave MacQueen
29 Feb 2000

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