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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/CVSNOTES
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Diff of /sml/trunk/CVSNOTES

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revision 147, Thu Sep 17 22:42:26 1998 UTC revision 183, Sun Nov 8 16:58:19 1998 UTC
# Line 19  Line 19 
19          cvs -d ~cvs import -m '' smlnj/src/sml-nj FLINT v980311          cvs -d ~cvs import -m '' smlnj/src/sml-nj FLINT v980311
21  * from tarballs  * from tarballs
22          # untar the distribution          cd ~/flint; ./bin/smlnj-newrev 110.9.1
23          version=110.8          cd trunk
         mkdir $version; cd $version  
         scp daffy:~ftp/pub/smlnj/working/$version/\*.gz .  
         mkdir src; cd src  
         ztar ../*.gz  
         mv bin.* ../../  
         mv config ../  
         cd ..  
         mv *-bin.* ../  
         rm *.gz  
         # import this distribution into the CVS vendor branch  
         cvs -d ~cvs import -ko -m '$version' flint SMLNJ v110_8 | grep -v '^U '  
         # find the files that got deleted and `cvs rm' them  
         cd ../smlnj; cvs update  
         cvs rm $(cvs -q rdiff -s -r SMLNJ -r v110_8 flint |  
                                  sed -n -e 's/^File flint\/\(.*\) is removed;.*/\1/p')  
         cvs commit -m '110.8'  
         #cvs tag v110_6  
         #cd ..; rm -rf smlnj  
         # check out a new copy, trying to merge the changes into the trunk  
         cd ../trunk  
         cvs update -P -d -jSMLNJ:yesterday -jSMLNJ  
         # list the conflicts  
         find -type f | xargs grep '^>>>>'  
24          <... solve the problems if any ...>          <... solve the problems if any ...>
25          # check correctness          # check correctness
26          rm -rf lib bin bin.* src/compiler/bin.*          rm -rf lib bin bin.* src/compiler/bin.*
27          link ../bin.x86-unix; config/install.sh          link ../110.9.1/bin.x86-unix; config/install.sh
28          cd src/compiler; link ../../../bin.x86-unix; ./xrecompile; ./xrecompile          cd src/compiler; link ../../../bin.x86-unix; ./xrecompile; ./xrecompile
30          cd ../..; cvs commit -m 'merged in 110.6 changes'          cd ../..; cvs commit -m 'merged in 110.6 changes'

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