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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 576, Fri Mar 10 07:27:16 2000 UTC revision 577, Fri Mar 10 08:07:18 2000 UTC
# Line 12  Line 12 
12  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>  Tag: <post-commit CVS tag>
13  Description:  Description:
14  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15    Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2000/03/10 07:48:34
17    Tag: blume_main_v110p26p1_1
18    Description:
20    I added a re-written version of Dave's fixpt script to src/system.
21    Changes relative to the original version:
22      - sh-ified (not everybody has ksh)
23      - automatically figures out which architecture it runs on
24      - uses ./makeml a bit more cleverly
25      - never invokes ./installml (and, thus, does not clobber your
26        good and working installation of sml in case something goes wrong)
27      - accepts max iteration count using option "-iter <n>"
28      - accepts a "base" name using option "-base <base>"
30    It does not build any extraneous heap images but directly rebuilds
31    bin- and boot-hierarchies using makeml's "-rebuild" switch. Finally,
32    it can incorporate existing bin- and boot- hierarchies.  For example,
33    suppose the base is set to "sml" (which is the default).  Then it
34    successively builds
36            sml.bin.<arch>-unix and sml.boot.<arch>-unix
37    then    sml1.bin.<arch>-unix and sml1.boot.<arch>-unix
38    then    sml2.bin.<arch>-unix and sml2.boot.<arch>-unix
39    ...
40    then    sml<n>.bin.<arch>-unix and sml<n>.boot.<arch>-unix
42    and so on.  If any of these already exist, it will just use what's
43    there.  In particular, many people will have the initial set of bin
44    and boot files around, so this saves time for at least one full
45    rebuild.  Having sets of the form <base><k>.{bin,boot}.<arch>-unix for
46    <k>=1,2,... is normally not a good idea when invoking fixpt.  However,
47    they might be the result of an earlier partial run of fixpt (which
48    perhaps got accidentially killed).  In this case, fixpt will quickly
49    move through what exists before continuing where it left off earlier,
50    and, thus, saves a lot of time.
52    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
53  Name: Allen Leung  Name: Allen Leung
54  Date: 00/03/10 02:20:00  Date: 00/03/10 02:20:00
55  Tag: leunga-20000310-fix_x86_asm_ra  Tag: leunga-20000310-fix_x86_asm_ra

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