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Diff of /sml/trunk/HISTORY

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revision 644, Fri May 12 09:18:31 2000 UTC revision 645, Mon May 15 07:17:30 2000 UTC
# Line 13  Line 13 
13  Description:  Description:
14  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15  Name: Matthias Blume  Name: Matthias Blume
16    Date: 2000/05/15 16:20:00 JST
17    Tag: blume-20000515-lightrebuild
18    Description:
20    1. I added an alternative to "-rebuild" to "makeml".  The difference is
21       that prior to calling CMB.make' the CM-variable "LIGHT" will be
22       defined.  In effect, the command will not build any cross-compiler
23       backends and therefore finish more quickly.
25       The "fixpt" script also takes a "-light" switch to be able to use
26       this new facility while compiling for a fixpoint.
28    2. I replaced all mentions of anchored paths in group owner specifications
29       with simple relative paths (usually starting with "..").
30       The rationale is that a library's internal workings should not be
31       compromised by the lack of some anchor.  (An anchor is necessary
32       for someone who wants to refer to the library by an anchored path,
33       but it should not be necessary to build the same library in the first
34       place.)
36    3. I changed the way CM's tool mechanism determines the shell command
37       string used for things like ml-yacc etc. so that it does not break
38       when CM.Control.implicit_anchors is turned off.
40    ----------------------------------------------------------------------
41    Name: Matthias Blume
42  Date: 2000/05/12 18:20:00 JST  Date: 2000/05/12 18:20:00 JST
43  Tag: blume-20000512-ml-build  Tag: blume-20000512-ml-build
44  Description:  Description:

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