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[smlnj] Annotation of /sml/trunk/MACOSXINSTALL
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Annotation of /sml/trunk/MACOSXINSTALL

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1 : mblume 1362 Installation instructions for SML/NJ under MacOS X
2 :     --------------------------------------------------
3 :    
4 :     To install SML/NJ under MacOS X on a machine that has the developer
5 :     tools installed (i.e., which has a working C compiler), refer to
6 :     our generic instructions in file INSTALL.
7 :    
8 :     For people without developer tools on their MacOS X box we prepared
9 :     a disk image that contains a pre-compiled runtime system. To install,
10 :     download the image, mount it, and copy its contents (a directory named
11 :     smlnj-xxx.xxx) to some location of your choice. (The name smlnj-xxx.xxx
12 :     is not important -- you can change it or simply copy the contents of
13 :     this directory into some other directory.)
14 :    
15 :     At this point you should have some directory, e.g., /Users/joe/smlnj,
16 :     that contains two subdirectories named "config" and "bin". Open a
17 :     terminal (or xterm if you have X11), cd to /Users/joe/smlnj
18 :     and follow the instructions in file INSTALL beginning *after* the
19 :     point where it asks you to gunzip and untar config.tgz.
20 :    
21 :     For example, if you are in a hurry and have good network connectivity,
22 :     simply edit config/targets and then run config/new-install.sh (or
23 :     config/install.sh).
24 :    
25 :     Once the installer finishes, you only need to keep the "bin" and "lib"
26 :     subdirectories. You can move them wherever you like (together!) as
27 :     long as you set the variable SMLNJ_HOME to the name of the directory
28 :     that holds them.

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