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Fri Aug 22 13:20:59 2014 UTC (7 years, 1 month ago) by jhr
File size: 1275 byte(s)
  Add 110.77 to HISTORY; update CYGWININSTALL and INSTALL instructions.
Installation instructions for SML/NJ under Cygwin 

Note that these instructions have changed as of 110.77.  In prior
releases, the default behavior of config/install.sh on Cygwin was
to build and use the Win32 runtime system.  As of 110.77, the default
behavior is to build and use the Cygwin (i.e., Unix) version of
the runtime.  For the old behavior, one should set the environment


Pre-110.77 instructions

1. Choose a directory to install SML/NJ.  Note that currently 
   SML/NJ *must* be installed in a directory mounted in binmode.
   Installation will fail if you try to install it in a directory
   mounted in textmode.  See the manpage for 'mount' for details.

2. Set SMLNJ_CYGWIN_RUNTIME=1 and export the environment variable.


   in Bourne sh and variants.  Or

       setenv SMLNJ_CYGWIN_RUNTIME 1

   in csh and variants.      
   When this is set SML/NJ will select the Cygwin runtime instead of
   the default Windows runtime.

3. Simply treat Cygwin as a Unix, and follow the usual installation

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