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View of /sml/trunk/READMES/110.31-README

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Revision 780 - (download) (annotate)
Tue Jan 30 22:45:26 2001 UTC (20 years, 7 months ago) by blume
File size: 1759 byte(s)
merging changes from private devel branch
			S  M  L   /   N  J

                  1  1  0  .  3  1      N  E  W  S
  		           December 8, 2000


  	This version is intended for compiler hackers. The 
	version ought to be usable, however we have not run
	our full regression testing.


  A couple of bug fixes and internal changes.

Bug Fixes:
  1514. sockets c-library broken
  1582. SysErr exception connecting to socket
  1585. getpeername in sockets

 Intel X86:

 Internal Changes:

   1. Interface to CELLS and the type of cell, cellkind, cellset etc.

   2. No more regmaps!!  The attributes of cells, including its current color,  
      are accessible from CELLS interface.  Cells can now take arbitrary 
      annotations.  [They will also have a width attribute in the next 
      go around.]

   3. Interface of STREAM etc have changed (again, no more regmap).

   4. Some MLTREE constructors, like, IF, BCC, JMP, CALL, etc have 
      been simplified.  CVTI2I has been renamed into SX and ZX respectively,
      following the lambda rtl convention.

   5. The old RA interface was getting too complicated.  There are now
      two functors, RISC_RA (in ra/risc_ra.sml) and X86RA (in x86/ra/x86RA.sml)
      which abstract out from all the ugly business.  The first is for
      RISC machines, and the second is for x86.  Please let us know if you
      use these functors.

   6. The cell change broke the peephole phases, because they used to
      pattern match on specific cell number.  I (Allen) hacked up a simple 
      tool to translate fake SML with where clauses into real ML.  This makes 
      it much easier to write the rules.  Seems to work. (See Tools/WhereGen) 

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