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View of /sml/trunk/READMES/110.39-README

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Revision 1069 - (download) (annotate)
Fri Feb 15 21:00:05 2002 UTC (19 years, 4 months ago) by blume
File size: 2740 byte(s)
Working release, version 110.39
			S  M  L   /   N  J

                  1  1  0  .  3  9      N  E  W  S
  		         February 15, 2002


  	This version is intended for compiler hackers. The 
	version ought to be stable, however we have not run
	our full regression testing.



    Important bug fixes, improvements to libraries, FFI generator,
    and installer.




  - Important bug fixes.  (Isabelle now compiles again on the x86.)

  - Compilers that generate assembly code may produce  global labels 
    whose value is resolved at link time. The various peephole optimization
    modules did not take this in account.

    TODO: The Labels.addrOf function should really return an option
    type so that clients are forced to deal with this issue, rather
    than an exception being raised.

  - Some internal reorganization.

  - c-calls API changed: accept a client-callback for allocating
    extra stack space.  TODO: x86 version currently ignores it.

  - Fixed bug in sparc-ccalls.


  Added missing implementations for List.collate and Option.app.  

SML/NJ library:

  - Added priority queue implementation to smlnj-lib.cm.


  Various improvements to ml-nlffigen:

   - improved name encoding scheme that avoids most "global" gensym
   - don't write over files unless their contents would change
   - implemented a "repository" mechanism for dealing with "incomplete
     pointers" that are to be shared between different runs of
   - "-match" option requires an exact match now
   - improved internal datastructures, resulting in slight speedup
   - bug fixes


   - A new PID (persistent ID) generation scheme is place.  This
     fixes the long-standing (but little-known) problem that it was
     possible to defeat ML's type abstractions because types in
     different compilation units could be mistaken for one another.

     See the HISTORY file and check out this link for more information:



   - Installation instructions added (file INSTALL).
   - Syntax in config/targets changed.
   - Installer automatically satisfies inter-target dependencies.
   - Build hash-cons-lib.cm if smlnj-lib was selected.
   - Installer can run in "quiet" mode.
   - Bug fixes.


  Added functions CM.State.showBindings and EnvRef.listBoundSymbols
  for exploring available toplevel bindings.


  - GenSML.gen now makes generation of topl-level "local" optional
    (because it is not Standard ML).
  - bug fixes in "nowhere" tool

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