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Revision 1587 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Aug 4 21:41:35 2004 UTC (18 years, 1 month ago) by mblume
File size: 1959 byte(s)
removed warning about nlffi from WININSTALL
I have not packaged the win32 port as an InstallShield(tm)
bundle.  Instead, I simply made a .zip file (smlnj.zip) that
one can unzip to a location of one's choice.  There are two
things to do "by hand" afterwards:

   - set the environment variable SMLNJ_HOME to
     the name of the directory that you unzip'd smlnj.zip
   - add %SMLNJ_HOME%\bin to your path

[Example:  Suppose you unzip'd the .zip file into


Then the value of SMLNJ_HOME should be that, i.e.,
the moral equivalent of

   set SMLNJ_HOME=c:\sml\blume\smlnj

needs to be carried out.  Moreover, you need to add the


to the end of your path variable, i.e., you need to execute

  path %PATH%;c:\sml\blume\smlnj


(Under win9x you need to either do this locally using the
command prompt before you run sml, or you edit autoexec.bat
and reboot.  In WinXP you can do it by going to

   Control Panel->Performance and Maintenance->System->
   Advanced->Environment Variables

From there it is obvious what needs to be done.   Since I don't have
access to other versions of win32 (NT, 2000, ...), I am not sure how to do
things there.  (But I am sure everything is similar to the XP case.)

Once the two variables are properly set, you should be able to
launch sml/nj by typing "sml" into a command prompt...


To compile from scratch, assuming Microsoft Visual Studio:

- set path to include C compiler bin directory
    (e.g., path %PATH%;"c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin")
- run "vcvars32" command
- create the full SML/NJ source hierarchy
   (most convenient: do a CVS checkout; alternative: unzip and untar
    all the source archives)
- unzip and untar boot.x86-win32.tgz into the root of the source tree
- set environment variable SMLNJ_HOME to root of source tree
- edit config\targets to one's taste
- run config\install.bat

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