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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/benchmarks/programs/life/life.sml
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View of /sml/trunk/benchmarks/programs/life/life.sml

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Revision 193 - (download) (annotate)
Fri Nov 20 17:43:59 1998 UTC (22 years, 11 months ago) by monnier
File size: 5074 byte(s)
Initial revision
structure Main : BMARK = 

    fun map f [] = []
      | map f (a::x) = f a :: map f x

    exception ex_undefined of string
    fun error str = raise ex_undefined str

    fun accumulate f = let
	  fun foldf a [] = a
            | foldf a (b::x) = foldf (f a b) x

    fun filter p = let
	  fun consifp x a = if p a then a::x else x
	    rev o accumulate consifp []

    fun exists p = let fun existsp [] = false
                     | existsp (a::x) = if p a then true else existsp x
                in existsp end

    fun equal a b = (a  = b)

    fun member x a = exists (equal a) x

    fun C f x y = f y x

    fun cons a x = a::x

    fun revonto x = accumulate (C cons) x

    fun length x = let fun count n a = n+1 in accumulate count 0 x end

    fun repeat f = let fun rptf n x = if n=0 then x else rptf(n-1)(f x)
                       fun check n = if n<0 then error "repeat<0" else n
                    in rptf o check end

    fun copy n x = repeat (cons x) n []

    fun spaces n = concat (copy n " ")

      fun lexordset [] = []
        | lexordset (a::x) = lexordset (filter (lexless a) x) @ [a] @
                             lexordset (filter (lexgreater a) x)
      and lexless(a1:int,b1:int)(a2,b2) = 
           if a2<a1 then true else if a2=a1 then b2<b1 else false
      and lexgreater pr1 pr2 = lexless pr2 pr1
      fun collect f list =
             let fun accumf sofar [] = sofar
                   | accumf sofar (a::x) = accumf (revonto sofar (f a)) x
              in accumf [] list
      fun occurs3 x = 
          (* finds coords which occur exactly 3 times in coordlist x *)
          let fun f xover x3 x2 x1 [] = diff x3 xover
                | f xover x3 x2 x1 (a::x) = 
                   if member xover a then f xover x3 x2 x1 x else
                   if member x3 a then f (a::xover) x3 x2 x1 x else
                   if member x2 a then f xover (a::x3) x2 x1 x else
                   if member x1 a then f xover x3 (a::x2) x1 x else
		                       f xover x3 x2 (a::x1) x
              and diff x y = filter (not o member y) x
           in f [] [] [] [] x end
      abstype generation = GEN of (int*int) list
          fun alive (GEN livecoords) = livecoords
          and mkgen coordlist = GEN (lexordset coordlist)
          and mk_nextgen_fn neighbours gen =
              let val living = alive gen
                  val isalive = member living
                  val liveneighbours = length o filter isalive o neighbours
                  fun twoorthree n = n=2 orelse n=3
	          val survivors = filter (twoorthree o liveneighbours) living
	          val newnbrlist = collect (filter (not o isalive) o neighbours) living
	          val newborn = occurs3 newnbrlist
	       in mkgen (survivors @ newborn) end

    fun neighbours (i,j) = [(i-1,j-1),(i-1,j),(i-1,j+1),

    local val xstart = 0 and ystart = 0
          fun markafter n string = string ^ spaces n ^ "0"
          fun plotfrom (x,y) (* current position *)
                       str   (* current line being prepared -- a string *)
                       ((x1,y1)::more)  (* coordinates to be plotted *)
              = if x=x1
                 then (* same line so extend str and continue from y1+1 *)
                 else (* flush current line and start a new line *)
                      str :: plotfrom(x+1,ystart)""((x1,y1)::more)
            | plotfrom (x,y) str [] = [str]
           fun good (x,y) = x>=xstart andalso y>=ystart
     in  fun plot coordlist = plotfrom(xstart,ystart) "" 
                                 (filter good coordlist)

    infix 6 at
    fun coordlist at (x:int,y:int) = let fun move(a,b) = (a+x,b+y) 
                                      in map move coordlist end
    val rotate = map (fn (x:int,y:int) => (y,~x))

    val glider = [(0,0),(0,2),(1,1),(1,2),(2,1)]
    val bail = [(0,0),(0,1),(1,0),(1,1)]
    fun barberpole n =
       let fun f i = if i=n then (n+n-1,n+n)::(n+n,n+n)::nil
                       else (i+i,i+i+1)::(i+i+2,i+i+1)::f(i+1)
        in (0,0)::(1,0):: f 0

    val genB = mkgen(glider at (2,2) @ bail at (2,12)
		     @ rotate (barberpole 4) at (5,20))

    fun nthgen g 0 = g | nthgen g i = nthgen (mk_nextgen_fn neighbours g) (i-1)

    val gun = mkgen

    fun show pr = (app (fn s => (pr s; pr "\n"))) o plot o alive

    fun doit () = show (fn _ => ()) (nthgen gun 50)

    fun testit strm = show (fn c => TextIO.output (strm, c)) (nthgen gun 50)

  end (* Life *)

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