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Fri Nov 20 17:43:59 1998 UTC (22 years, 10 months ago) by monnier
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Initial revision

M.~Alt, C.~Fecht, C.~Ferdinand, and R.~Wilhelm.
\newblock The {{Trafola-{S}}} subsystem.
\newblock In B.~Hoffmann and B.~Krieg-Br\"uckner, editors, {\em Program
  development by specification and transformation, {LNCS} 680}, pages 539--576.
  Springer-Verlag, Berlin, May 1993.

A.~W. Appel.
\newblock {\em Compiling with Continuations}.
\newblock Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, England, 1992.

J.~Armstrong, M.~Williams, and R.~Virding.
\newblock {\em Concurrent programming in Erlang}.
\newblock Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1993.

\newblock {HBC} user's manual.
\newblock Programming Methodology Group Distributed with the HBC compiler,
  Depart. of Comp. Sci, Chalmers, S--412 96 G\"{o}teborg, Sweden, 1993.

\newblock The lazy functional intermediate language {Stoffel}.
\newblock Technical report CS-92-16, Dept. of Comp. Sys, Univ. of Amsterdam,
  Dec 1992.

\newblock Optimizing transformations for a lazy functional language.
\newblock In W.-J. Withagen, editor, {\em 7th Computer systems}, pages 17--40,
  Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Nov 1993. Eindhoven Univ. of Technology.

D.~C. Cann.
\newblock The optimizing {SISAL} compiler: version 12.0.
\newblock Manual UCRL-MA-110080, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
  Livermore, California, Apr 1992.

D.~C. Cann.
\newblock Retire {FORTRAN}? a debate rekindled.
\newblock {\em Communications ACM}, 35(8):81--89, Aug 1992.

\newblock An efficient way of compiling {ML} to {C}.
\newblock In P.~Lee, editor, {\em {ACM} {SIGPLAN} Workshop on {ML} and its
  Applications}, pages 37--51, San Francisco, California, Jun 1992. School of
  Comp. Sci, Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Technical report

K.~Didrich, A.~Fett, C.~Gerke, W.~Grieskamp, and P.~Pepper.
\newblock {OPAL}: Design and implementation of an algebraic programming
\newblock In J.~Gutknecht, editor, {\em Programming Languages and System
  Architectures, {LNCS} 782}, pages 228--244, Zurich, Switzerland, Mar 1994.
  Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

A.~Diwan, D.~Tarditi, and E.~Moss.
\newblock Memory subsystem performance of programs with copying garbage
\newblock In {\em 21st Principles of programming languages}, pages 1--14,
  Portland, Oregon, Jan 1994. ACM.

X.~Leroy {\em et al.}
\newblock {\em The {Caml} {Light} system, release 0.61}.
\newblock Software and documentation distributed by anonymous FTP on {\tt
  ftp.inria.fr}, 1993.

M.~Feeley and J.~S. Miller.
\newblock A parallel virtual machine for efficient {{S}}cheme compilation.
\newblock In {\em {Lisp} and functional programming}, pages 119--130, Nice,
  France, Jul 1990. ACM.

M.~Feeley, M.~Turcotte, and G.~{LaPalme}.
\newblock Using {{Multilisp}} for solving constraint satisfaction problems: an
  application to nucleic acid {{3D}} structure determination.
\newblock {\em Lisp and symbolic computation (to appear)}, 1994.

S.~Finn and M.~Crawley.
\newblock {\em Using Poly/{ML} {2.05M}}.
\newblock Abstract Hardware Ltd., Aug 1992.

J.~A. Fisher, J.~R. Ellis, J.~C. Ruttenberg, and A.~Nicolau.
\newblock Parallel processing: A smart compiler and a dumb machine.
\newblock In {\em Compiler construction}, pages 37--47, Montr\'{e}al, Canada,
  Jun 1984. ACM SIGPLAN notices,19(6).

R.~Giegerich and R.~J.~M. Hughes.
\newblock Functional programming in the real world.
\newblock Dagstuhl seminar report~89, IBFI GmbH, Schloss Dagstuhl, D-66687
  Wadern, Germany, May 1994.

A.~J. Gill and S.~L. {Peyton Jones}.
\newblock Cheap deforestation in practice: An optimiser for {Haskell}.
\newblock In {\em Proc. {IFIP}}, pages ???--???, Hamburg, Germany, Aug 1994.

S.~C. Goldstein.
\newblock The implementation of a threaded abstract machine.
\newblock Technical report UCB/CSP 94-818, Comp. Sci. Division (EECS), Univ. of
  California, Berkeley CA 94720, 1994.

K.~Gopinath and J.~L. Hennesy.
\newblock Copy elimination in functional languages.
\newblock In {\em 16th Principles of programming languages}, pages 303--314,
  Austin, Texas, Jan 1989. ACM.

The Yale~Haskell Group.
\newblock {\em The Yale {Haskell} Users Manual (version Y2.1)}.
\newblock Dept. of Comp. Sci, Yale Univ., Jul 1994.

R.~H. {Halstead Jr}.
\newblock {Multilisp}: A language for concurrent symbolic computation.
\newblock {\em ACM Transactions on programming languages and systems},
  7(4):501--538, Oct 1985.

\newblock {\em {MLWorks} draft documentation}.
\newblock Harlequin Ltd, Cambridge, England, 1994.

P.~H. Hartel, H.~W. Glaser, and J.~M. Wild.
\newblock Compilation of functional languages using flow graph analysis.
\newblock {\em Software---practice and experience}, 24(2):127--173, Feb 1994.

P.~H. Hartel and K.~G. Langendoen.
\newblock Benchmarking implementations of lazy functional languages.
\newblock In {\em 6th Functional programming languages and computer
  architecture}, pages 341--349, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun 1993. ACM.

\newblock Turbo erlang: Approaching the speed of {C}.
\newblock In E.~Tick and G.~Succi, editors, {\em Implementations of Logic
  Programming Systems}, pages 119--135. Kluwer Academic Publishers,
  Boston/Dordrecht/London, Mar 1994.

P.~Hudak, S.~L. {Peyton Jones}, and P.~L.~Wadler (editors).
\newblock Report on the programming language {Haskell} -- a non-strict purely
  functional language, version 1.2.
\newblock {\em ACM SIGPLAN notices}, 27(5):R1--R162, May 1992.

M.~P. Jones.
\newblock The implementation of the {{G}}ofer functional programming system.
\newblock Research Report YALEU/DCS/RR-1030, Dept. of Comp. Sci, Yale Univ.,
  New haven, Connecticut, May 1994.

B.~W. Kernighan and D.~W. Ritchie.
\newblock {\em The {{C}} programming language}.
\newblock Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1988.

\newblock Unboxed objects and polymorphic typing.
\newblock In {\em 19th Principles of Programming Languages}, pages 177--188,
  Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jan 1992. ACM Press.

R.~A. MacLachlan.
\newblock {CMU} common {Lisp} user's manual.
\newblock Technical report CMU-CS-92-161, School of Comp. Sci, Carnegie Mellon
  Univ., Jul 1992.

J.~R. McGraw, S.~K. Skedzielewski, S.~Allan, R.~Oldehoeft, J.~R.~W. Glauert,
  C.~Kirkham, B.~Noyce, and R.~Thomas.
\newblock {Sisal}: Streams and iteration in a single assignment language.
\newblock Language reference manual version 1.2 M-146, Rev. 1, Lawrence
  Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California, Mar 1985.

R.~Milner, M.~Tofte, and R.~Harper.
\newblock {\em The definition of {Standard} {ML}}.
\newblock MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990.

R.~S. Nikhil.
\newblock {ID} version 90.0 reference manual.
\newblock Computation Structures Group Memo 284-1, Laboratory for Comp. Sci,
  MIT, Cambridge Massachusetts, Sep 1990.

S.~L. {Peyton Jones}.
\newblock {\em The implementation of functional programming languages}.
\newblock Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1987.

S.~L. {Peyton Jones}, C.~V. Hall, K.~Hammond, W.~D. Partain, and P.~L. Wadler.
\newblock The glasgow {Haskell} compiler: a technical overview.
\newblock In {\em Proc Joint Framework for Information Technology ({JFIT})
  Conference}, pages ???--???, Keele, England, Mar 1993.

S.~L. {Peyton Jones} and J.~Launchbury.
\newblock Unboxed values as first class citizens in a non-strict functional
\newblock In R.~J.~M. Hughes, editor, {\em 5th Functional programming languages
  and computer architecture, {LNCS} 523}, pages 636--666, Cambridge,
  Massachusetts, Sep 1991. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

M.~J. Plasmeijer and M.~C. J.~D. van Eekelen.
\newblock {\em {Concurrent {Clean}} - version 1.0 - Language Reference Manual,
  draft version}.
\newblock Dept. of Comp. Sci, Univ. of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Jun 1994.

J.~E. Ranelletti.
\newblock {\em Graph transformation algorithms for array memory memory
  optimization in applicative languages}.
\newblock PhD thesis, Comp. Sci. Dept, Univ. of California at Davis,
  California, Nov 1987.

J.~A. Rees and W.~Clinger.
\newblock {\em Revised$^4$ Report on the Algorithmic Language {{S}}cheme}.
\newblock MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nov 1991.

\newblock Nhc - nearly a {Haskell} compiler.
\newblock Technical report in preparation, Dept. of Computing Science, Chalmers
  Univ., 1994.

P.~M. Sansom and S.~L. {Peyton Jones}.
\newblock Generational garbage collection for {Haskell}.
\newblock In {\em 6th Functional programming languages and computer
  architecture}, pages 106--116, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun 1993. ACM.

W.~Schulte and W.~Grieskamp.
\newblock Generating efficient portable code for a strict applicative language.
\newblock In J.~Darlington and R.~Dietrich, editors, {\em Phoenix Seminar and
  Workshop on Declarative Programming}, pages 239--252, Sasbachwalden, West
  Germany, Nov 1991. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

\newblock {\em Bigloo 1.7 user's manual}.
\newblock INRIA Rocquencourt, France (to appear), 1994.

M.~Serrano and P.~Weis.
\newblock $1+1=1$: an optimizing {Caml} compiler.
\newblock In {\em {ACM-SIGPLAN} Workshop on {ML} and its applications}, pages
  101--111. Research report 2265, INRIA Rocquencourt, France, Nun 1994.

\newblock {\em Compiling {Standard} {ML} for Efficient Execution on Modern
\newblock PhD thesis, Princeton Univ, Princeton, New Jersey, Nov 1994.

S.~Smetsers, E.~G. J. M.~H. N\"{o}cker, J.~van Groningen, and M.~J. Plasmeijer.
\newblock Generating efficient code for lazy functional languages.
\newblock In R.~J.~M. Hughes, editor, {\em 5th Functional programming languages
  and computer architecture, {LNCS} 523}, pages 592--617, Cambridge,
  Massachusetts, Sep 1991. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

G.~L. {Steele Jr}.
\newblock {\em Common {Lisp} the Language}.
\newblock Digital Press, Bedford, second edition, 1990.

B.~Thomsen, L.~Leth, S.~Prasad, T.-S. Kuo, A.~Kramer, F.~Knabe, and
\newblock Facile antigua release -- programming guide.
\newblock Technical report ECRC-93-20, European Computer-Industry Research
  Centre, Munich, Germany (The reference manual and license agreement are
  available by anonymous ftp from ftp.ecrc.de.), 1993.

D.~A. Turner.
\newblock {Miranda}: A non-strict functional language with polymorphic types.
\newblock In J.-P. Jouannaud, editor, {\em 2nd Functional programming languages
  and computer architecture, {LNCS} 201}, pages 1--16, Nancy, France, Sep 1985.
  Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

D.~A. Turner.
\newblock {\em {Miranda} system manual}.
\newblock Research Software Ltd, 23 St Augustines Road, Canterbury, Kent CT1
  1XP, England, Apr 1990.

P.~L. Wadler.
\newblock Deforestation: transforming programs to eliminate trees.
\newblock {\em Theoretical Computer Science}, 73(2):231--248, 1990.

P.~Weis and X.~Leroy.
\newblock {\em Le langage {Caml}}.
\newblock Inter\'Editions, 1993.

E.~P. Wentworth.
\newblock Code generation for a lazy functional language.
\newblock Technical report 91/19, Dept. of Comp. Sci, Rhodes Univ., Dec 1991.

{E. P}. Wentworth.
\newblock {RUFL} reference manual.
\newblock Technical report 92/1, Dept. of Comp. Sci, Rhodes Univ., Jan 1992.


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