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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/ckit/BUGS
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Diff of /sml/trunk/ckit/BUGS

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revision 664, Fri Jun 16 03:09:26 2000 UTC revision 665, Fri Jun 16 04:43:57 2000 UTC
# Line 33  Line 33 
35  ----------------------------------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 NUMBER: 14  
 SUBMITTER: Alexey Loginov <alexey@cs.wisc.edu>  
 DATE: 4/17/00  
 STATUS: open  
 DESCRIPTION: array formals  
 This one is similar to the ?: bug we reported earlier (Bug number 8).  
 void foo(int a[]);  
 int main() {  
   int * ip;  
 "tt.c":5.3-10: error: Bad function call:  
                arg 1 has type int * but fn parameter has type int []  
 Correct C output is still produced but the implicit type of ip inside  
 the call to foo has int array type.  This is a problem for our  
36  NUMBER: 15  NUMBER: 15
37  SUBMITTER: Alexey Loginov <alexey@cs.wisc.edu>  SUBMITTER: Alexey Loginov <alexey@cs.wisc.edu>
38  DATE: 4/17/00  DATE: 4/17/00

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