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[smlnj] Diff of /sml/trunk/ckit/src/parser/grammar/c.grm
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Diff of /sml/trunk/ckit/src/parser/grammar/c.grm

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revision 662, Thu Jun 15 22:44:37 2000 UTC revision 663, Fri Jun 16 02:58:05 2000 UTC
# Line 427  Line 427 
427          | BANG  (Not)          | BANG  (Not)
429  expr:  expr:
430          expr QUESTION expr COLON expr %prec QUESTION (markExpression srcMap (QuestionColon(expr1,expr2,expr3),expr1left,expr3right))          expr QUESTION exprWComma COLON expr %prec QUESTION (markExpression srcMap (QuestionColon(expr1,exprWComma1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))
431          | expr PLUSEQUALS expr          (markExpression srcMap (Binop(PlusAssign,expr1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))          | expr PLUSEQUALS expr          (markExpression srcMap (Binop(PlusAssign,expr1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))
432          | expr MINUSEQUALS expr         (markExpression srcMap (Binop(MinusAssign,expr1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))          | expr MINUSEQUALS expr         (markExpression srcMap (Binop(MinusAssign,expr1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))
433          | expr TIMESEQUALS expr         (markExpression srcMap (Binop(TimesAssign,expr1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))          | expr TIMESEQUALS expr         (markExpression srcMap (Binop(TimesAssign,expr1,expr2),expr1left,expr2right))

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