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Revision 395 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Aug 11 20:48:17 1999 UTC (23 years, 1 month ago) by monnier
File size: 2989 byte(s)
* sml-mode.texi:  somewhat updated the doc.
* release 3.9.3
-*- text -*-

Changes since 3.3:

* the sml-drag-* commands have disappeared.

* added a little bit of `customize' support.  Many of the customization
  variables for indentation are still in flux, so they are not customize'd.

* proformas have been replaced by skeletons.  it's mostly the same as
  before (the layout has slightly changed, tho).  The main difference
  is that the indentation relies on the major-mode indentation so it
  is implicitly customized, which makes more sense to me.
  Also I added an electric space M-SPC that will call the corresponding
  skeleton if any matches the immediately preceding symbol.  Basically
  that allows you to type `l e t M-SPC' to call the `let' skeleton.

* M-C-f and M-C-b try to be smart and jump around let..end and such blocks.
  It's probably either too smart or not smart enough, tho.

* there is no more sml-<compiler>.el since the code should work for "all"
  known compilers.  If your favorite compiler doesn't seem to work right
  send me a sample session.

* hilite support has disappeared and font-lock and menu support is now built-in.

* the indentation algorithm is inherently much slower.  I've tried to ensure
  the slowness never manifests itself in practice, but if you find a case
  where the indentation doesn't feel instantaneous, tell me.

* function arguments get properly indented (yes, madam).

* the indentation has been majorly reworked.  The list of changes is too long.
  Many customizations have disappeared, some may reappear depending on the
  feedback I get.  The indentation should now "always" work right, so
  tell me when it doesn't.

* nested comments are only properly handled if you have a nested-comments
  aware Emacs (I don't know of any yet) or if you turn on font-lock.

* provide `sml-compile' which does something similat to `compile' except it
  passes the command to an inferior-sml process.  Also it has an additional
  hack to look for sml-make-file-name in parent directories and cd to it
  before sending the command (handy for CM.make() when the sources.cm file
  is not in the current directory).  This hack is very ad-hoc and quite
  misleading for people who don't use CM.  I.e. the default is not safe.

* sml-send-region and friends now always use a temp file.  The temp file
  management has been made a little more secure.

* the overlay is now turned off by default.  Instead the region is activated,
  so that transient-mark-mode will end up highlighting the error just like
  the overlay used to do.

* sml-proc uses compile.el for error parsing.  This mostly means that instead
  of C-c ` you want to use the standard C-x `.  It also means that error
  formats for any compiler can be added more easily.

* The special frame handling has been thrown out because it doesn't interact
  well with Emacs' own similar feature.  I believe XEmacs still doesn't provide
  such a feature, so if you miss it, either switch to Emacs or (convince
  someone else to) add it to XEmacs.

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