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[smlnj] Log of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/testcases.sml
[smlnj] / sml / trunk / sml-mode / testcases.sml  
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Log of /sml/trunk/sml-mode/testcases.sml

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Revision 700 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Modified Thu Aug 24 20:35:39 2000 UTC (21 years, 10 months ago) by monnier
File length: 11395 byte(s)
Diff to previous 544
* sml-proc.el (inferior-sml-mode-map): Don't inherit from sml-bindings.
Add the binding for C-c C-l explicitly instead.
(sml-run): Look in cwd (but only if the command has slashes).

* sml-mode.el (sml-mode-abbrev-table): Remove (created by
(sml-mode): Setup add-log's current-defun-function.
(sml-indent-line): Never indent to a negative level.
(sml-skip-siblings, sml-beginning-of-defun, sml-max-name-components)
(sml-current-fun-name): New funs and vars for add-log support.
(sml-comment-indent): Simplify.
(sml-def-skeleton): Also create the skeleton as an abbrev.
(skeletons): New for "struct", "sig", "val", "fn" and "fun".
(sml-electric-space): Rewrite to use abbrev's machinery.

* sml-defs.el (sml-mode-map): merge with sml-bindings.
(sml-bindings): Remove.

Revision 544 - (view) (download) (annotate) - [select for diffs]
Added Tue Feb 22 22:56:38 2000 UTC (22 years, 4 months ago) by monnier
File length: 11209 byte(s)
* sml-mode.el (sml-find-matching-starter): Use a list of syms instead of a
(sml-indent-default): Use symbol membership rather than a regexp.
  Also, use `sym-indent' instead of (current-column).  This fixes a problem
  with a hanging `structure Foo = (struct|let)' (due to `structure' having
  a sml-indent-rule, as opposed to `fun').  Hopefully it won't introduce
  other problems.
(sml-font-lock-keywords): Match vars `val x : int' also.
(sml-electric-pipe): Update to the new `sml-find-matching-starter' and
  return a sensible default instead of raising an error in case of
  unexpected situations.
(sml-indent-line): Ignore errors and keep the cursor where it is.
(sml-calculate-indentation, sml-indent-pipe): Use syms instead of regexps.
* sml-defs.el (sml-starters-re, sml-pipehead-re): Remove.
* testcases.sml: New file.
* makefile.pkg (test): new target to run the test suite.

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