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View of /sml/trunk/src/MLRISC/flowgraph/printFlowgraph.sml

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Revision 984 - (download) (annotate)
Wed Nov 21 19:00:08 2001 UTC (20 years, 10 months ago) by george
File size: 3182 byte(s)
  Implemented a complete redesign of MLRISC pseudo-ops. Now there
  ought to never be any question of incompatabilities with
  pseudo-op syntax expected by host assemblers.

  For now, only modules supporting GAS syntax are implemented
  but more should follow, such as MASM, and vendor assembler
  syntax, e.g. IBM as, Sun as, etc.
(* printFlowgraph.sml -- print flowgraph of target machine instructions. 
 * Copyright (c) 1997 Bell Laboratories.
signature PRINT_FLOWGRAPH = 
   structure Asm : INSTRUCTION_EMITTER
		      where I = Asm.I 
			and P = Asm.S.P

   val printCFG : TextIO.outstream -> string -> CFG.cfg -> unit

functor PrintFlowgraph 
   (structure Asm : INSTRUCTION_EMITTER
    structure CFG : CONTROL_FLOW_GRAPH
		    where I = Asm.I
		      and P = Asm.S.P
   structure Asm = Asm
   structure CFG = CFG
   structure C   = CFG.I.C
   structure W   = CFG.W
   structure Fmt = Format

   val i2s = Int.toString

   fun printList stream list = let
     fun pr str = TextIO.output(stream, str)
     fun iter [] = ()
       | iter [i] = pr i
       | iter (h::t) = (pr (h ^ ", "); iter t)
   in iter list

   fun printCFG stream title (Cfg as Graph.GRAPH cfg) = 
   let fun pr str = TextIO.output(stream, str)
       val prList = printList stream
       val annotations = !(CFG.annotations Cfg)
       val Asm.S.STREAM{emit,pseudoOp,defineLabel,annotation,...} = 
             AsmStream.withStream stream Asm.makeStream annotations

       fun showFreq(ref w) = Fmt.format "[%s]" [Fmt.STR(W.toString w)] 
       fun showEdge(blknum,e) = 
	   Fmt.format "%d:%s" [Fmt.INT blknum, Fmt.STR(CFG.show_edge e)]
       fun showSucc(_, x, e) = showEdge(x,e)
       fun showPred(x, _, e) = showEdge(x,e) 
       fun showSuccs b =
            (pr "\tsucc:     "; 
             prList (map showSucc (#out_edges cfg b)); 
             pr "\n")
       fun showPreds b =
            (pr "\tpred:     "; 
             prList (map showPred (#in_edges cfg b)); 
             pr "\n")

       fun printBlock(_, CFG.BLOCK{kind=CFG.START, id, freq, ...}) = 
           (pr (Fmt.format "ENTRY %d %s\n" [Fmt.INT id, Fmt.STR(showFreq freq)]);
            showSuccs id)
         | printBlock(_, CFG.BLOCK{kind=CFG.STOP, id, freq, ...}) = 
	   (pr (Fmt.format "EXIT %d %s\n" [Fmt.INT id, Fmt.STR(showFreq freq)]);
            showPreds id)
         | printBlock(_, CFG.BLOCK{id, align, freq, insns, annotations, 
                               labels, ...}) = 
	   (pr (Fmt.format "BLOCK %d %s\n" [Fmt.INT id, Fmt.STR(showFreq freq)]);
	    case !align of NONE => () | SOME p => (pr (CFG.P.toString p ^ "\n"));
            app annotation (!annotations);
            app defineLabel (!labels);
               pr ("\tlive in:  " ^ CellsBasis.CellSet.toString (!liveIn) ^ "\n");
               pr ("\tlive out: " ^ CellsBasis.CellSet.toString (!liveOut) ^ "\n");
            showSuccs id;
            showPreds id;
            app emit (rev (!insns)))

       fun printData() = let
         val CFG.INFO{data, ...} = #graph_info cfg
       in List.app (pr o CFG.P.toString) (rev(!data))
       pr(Fmt.format "[ %s ]\n" [Fmt.STR title]);
       app annotation annotations;
       (* printBlock entry; *)
       AsmStream.withStream stream (#forall_nodes cfg) printBlock;
       (* printBlock exit; *)
       AsmStream.withStream stream printData ();
       TextIO.flushOut stream

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