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View of /sml/trunk/src/cm/smlfile/skeleton.sml

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Revision 296 - (download) (annotate)
Thu May 27 05:31:04 1999 UTC (23 years, 1 month ago) by blume
File size: 1301 byte(s)
improved generated skeletons; copyright notice
 * SML source skeletons.
 *   Copyright (c) 1999 by Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
 *   The idea of skeletons is taken from the original SC (where they were
 *   called "decl"s after one of the datatypes involved).
 *   The new definitions used here are a lot simpler than the original ones;
 *   they allow for a more succinct dependency analysis, and are easier to
 *   pickle/unpickle.  Moreover, the ast->skeleton converter has been made
 *   smarter -- resulting in smaller skeletons.
 * author: Matthias Blume (blume@cs.princeton.edu)
 * The copyright notices of the earlier versions are:
 *   Copyright (c) 1995 by AT&T Bell Laboratories
 *   Copyright (c) 1993 by Carnegie Mellon University,
 *                         School of Computer Science
 *                         contact: Gene Rollins (rollins+@cs.cmu.edu)
structure Skeleton = struct

    type symbol = Symbol.symbol
    type sympath = GenericVC.SymPath.path

    datatype decl =
	Bind of symbol * modExp
      | Local of decl * decl
      | Par of decl list
      | Seq of decl list
      | Open of modExp
      | Ref of SymbolSet.set

    and modExp =
	Var of sympath
      | Decl of decl list		(* implicit Seq *)
      | Let of decl list * modExp	(* implicit Seq *)
      | Ign1 of modExp * modExp

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