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View of /sml/trunk/src/cml/cml-lib/multicast-sig.sml

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Sat Oct 4 23:33:09 1997 UTC (25 years ago) by monnier
File size: 963 byte(s)
Initial revision
(* multicast-sig.sml
 * COPYRIGHT (c) 1990 by John H. Reppy.  See COPYRIGHT file for details.
 * Asynchronous multicast (one-to-many) channels.

signature MULTICAST =

    type 'a mchan
    type 'a port
    type 'a event = 'a CML.event

    val mChannel : unit -> 'a mchan
	(* create a new multicast channel *)
    val port : 'a mchan -> 'a port
	(* create a new output port on a channel *)
    val copy : 'a port -> 'a port
	(* create a new output port on a channel that has the same state as the
	 * given port.  I.e., the stream of messages seen on the two ports will
	 * be the same.
	 * NOTE: if two (or more) independent threads are reading from the
	 * same port, then the copy operation may not be accurate.
    val recv : 'a port -> 'a
    val recvEvt : 'a port -> 'a event
	(* receive a message from a port *)
    val multicast : ('a mchan * 'a) -> unit
	(* send a message to all of the ports of a channel *)

  end (* MULTICAST *)

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