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<!-- HTML/running.html -->

<!-- COPYRIGHT (c) 1999 Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies. -->

<TITLE>Porting old programs</TITLE>
<BODY><A NAME="top"></A>
<H1 align=CENTER>The Concurrent ML Reference Manual</H1>

<H2><A NAME="section:0">Running CML programs</A></H2>
CML does not currently support executing CML code from the SML/NJ top-level loop. This restriction is because the SML/NJ compiler is not thread safe. Instead, one uses the RunCML.doit command to run programs. 
<H3><A NAME="sec:using-cm">Using the compilation manager</A></H3>
The recommended way to compile CML programs is by using the SML/NJ <I>Compilation Manager</I> (CM).
<H3><A NAME="section:2">The <TT>cml-cm</TT> command</A></H3>
The SML/NJ installation provides the option of building the <TT>cml-cm</TT> command. This is basically a version of SML/NJ that knows how to autoload CML components when compiling code that references them. When using <TT>cml-cm</TT>, it is still necessary to use RunCML.doit to execute your code.
Unfortunately, there have been problems with the way that the compilation manager initializes autoloaded modules, and thus  <TT>cml-cm</TT> has been broken in a number of released versions. Therefore, we recommend that you use the methods described in <B>[SECT]</B> above when working with CML

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