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Revision 698 - (download) (annotate)
Mon Aug 21 22:05:47 2000 UTC (22 years, 1 month ago) by monnier
File size: 2130 byte(s)
(CompileF.codegen): Remove dead code.
Enforce the `nosplit' directive by dropping inlineExp if requested.
2000-08-21  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/main/compile.sml (CompileF.codegen): Remove dead code.
	Enforce the `nosplit' directive by dropping inlineExp if requested.

2000-04-22  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sml (cpsopt): Add `zeroexpand' to reduce
	RA-blowup when compiling ml.grm.sml.

	* viscomp-core.cm: Add FLINT.opt/abcopt.sml.

2000-04-20  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sml (cpsopt): Use last_contract rather than
	first_contract because dropargs is needed to avoid blowing up
	the register allocator.

2000-04-19  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sml (cpsopt): Remove all but first_contract.

	* TopLevel/interact/evalloop.sml (loop): Don't hide compiler errors.

1999-03-08  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sig (FLINT.printFctTypes): New var.
	(splitThreshold): New var to control splitting aggressiveness.

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sml: Move substructs outside so that clients
	can refer to them directly (rather than through Control.Foo) to
	reduce spurious dependencies.

	* TopLevel/main/{codes,compile}: Call `split' from flintcomp,
	not compile.

1999-03-02  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* Semant/pickle/(un)pickmod.sml (fkind): Pickle the inline bit.

	* Semant/pickle/pickmod.sml (mkPickleLty): Apply alpha-rename to NVAR.

	* Semant/pickle/unpickmod.sml (lvar): Improperly defined.
	(tyc): TC_NVAR wasn't read correctly.
	(tfundec): Pickle puts a leading "1", so look for a "1", not a "0".

1998-11-12  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* MiscUtil/util/stats.sml: added counters.

1998-11-09  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sml (checkDatatypes): Turn off because
	of infinite looping problems.

1998-11-05  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sig (FLINT.unrollThreshold): New var.

1998-10-27  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@cs.yale.edu>

	* TopLevel/viscomp/control.sml (listLiterals): Turn it back off since
	it increases the resulting heap size by more than 10%.

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