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[smlnj] View of /sml/trunk/src/compiler/CodeGen/ppc/ppcCG.sml
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View of /sml/trunk/src/compiler/CodeGen/ppc/ppcCG.sml

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Revision 1124 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Mar 7 19:49:22 2002 UTC (19 years, 6 months ago) by george
File size: 3256 byte(s)
Tested the weighted block placement optimization on all architectures
(except the hppa) using AMPL to generate the block and edge frequencies.
Changes were required in the machine properties to correctly
categorize trap instructions. There is an MLRISC flag
"weighted-block-placement" that can be used to enable weighted block
placement, but this will be ineffective without block/edge
frequencies (coming soon).
 * PPC specific backend
structure PPCCG = 
  ( structure MachSpec   = PPCSpec
    structure T		 = PPCMLTree
    structure CB	 = CellsBasis
    structure ClientPseudoOps = PPCClientPseudoOps
    structure PseudoOps  = PPCPseudoOps
    structure Ext        = SMLNJMLTreeExt(* generic extension *)
    structure CpsRegs    = PPCCpsRegs
    structure InsnProps  = PPCProps
    structure Asm        = PPCAsmEmitter
    structure Shuffle    = PPCShuffle

    structure CCalls     = DummyCCallsFn (PPCMLTree)

    structure OmitFramePtr = struct
      exception NotImplemented
      structure CFG=PPCCFG
      structure I=PPCInstr
      val vfp = PPCCpsRegs.vfp
      fun omitframeptr _ = raise NotImplemented

    structure MLTreeComp=
       PPC(structure PPCInstr = PPCInstr
           structure PPCMLTree = PPCMLTree
           structure PseudoInstrs=
               PPCPseudoInstr(structure Instr=PPCInstr)
           structure ExtensionComp = SMLNJMLTreeExtComp
               (structure I = PPCInstr
                structure T = PPCMLTree
		structure CFG = PPCCFG
		structure TS = PPCMLTreeStream
           val bit64mode=false
           val multCost=ref 6 (* an estimate *)

    structure Jumps =
       PPCJumps(structure Instr=PPCInstr
		structure MLTreeEval=PPCMLTreeEval
                structure Shuffle=PPCShuffle)

    structure BackPatch =
       BBSched2(structure CFG = PPCCFG
                structure Jumps = Jumps
		structure Props = PPCProps
                structure Emitter = PPCMCEmitter)

    structure RA = 
         (structure I         = PPCInstr
          structure CFG       = PPCCFG
          structure CpsRegs   = PPCCpsRegs
          structure InsnProps = InsnProps 
          structure Rewrite   = PPCRewrite(PPCInstr) 
	  structure SpillInstr= PPCSpillInstr(PPCInstr)
          structure Asm       = PPCAsmEmitter
          structure SpillHeur = ChaitinSpillHeur
          structure Spill     = RASpill(structure InsnProps = InsnProps
                                        structure Asm = PPCAsmEmitter)

          structure SpillTable = SpillTable(PPCSpec)

          val architecture = PPCSpec.architecture

	  datatype spillOperandKind = SPILL_LOC | CONST_VAL
	  type spill_info = unit

          fun beforeRA _ = SpillTable.spillInit()

          val sp = I.C.stackptrR
          val spill = CPSRegions.spill

          fun pure _ = false

          structure Int = 
             val avail     = PPCCpsRegs.availR
             val dedicated = PPCCpsRegs.dedicatedR

	     fun mkDisp loc = T.LI(T.I.fromInt(32, SpillTable.getRegLoc loc))

             fun spillLoc{info, an, cell, id} = 
		  {opnd=I.Displace{base=sp, disp=mkDisp(RAGraph.FRAME id), mem=spill},

             val mode = RACore.NO_OPTIMIZATION
         structure Float =
             val avail     = PPCCpsRegs.availF
             val dedicated = PPCCpsRegs.dedicatedF

	     fun mkDisp loc = T.LI(T.I.fromInt(32, SpillTable.getFregLoc loc))

	     fun spillLoc(S, an, loc) = 
		I.Displace{base=sp, disp=mkDisp(RAGraph.FRAME loc), mem=spill}

             val mode = RACore.NO_OPTIMIZATION

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