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View of /sml/trunk/src/compiler/ElabData/statenv/statenv.sml

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Revision 905 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Aug 23 21:53:02 2001 UTC (21 years, 1 month ago) by blume
File size: 1739 byte(s)
updates to environments, envrefs, interactive loop
(* statenv.sml
 * (C) 2001 Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs
structure StaticEnv : STATICENV =

local structure B  = Bindings
      structure E = Env
      structure M = Modules

type binding = B.binding
type real_binding = binding * M.modtree option
type staticEnv = real_binding E.env

exception Unbound = E.Unbound
exception SpecialEnv = E.SpecialEnv

fun aug x = (x, NONE)
fun strip (rb: real_binding) = #1 rb

val empty = E.empty
fun look (e, s) = strip (E.look (e, s))
val bind0 = E.bind
fun bind (s, b, e) = E.bind (s, aug b, e)
fun special (mkb, mks) = E.special (aug o mkb, mks)
val atop = E.atop
val consolidate = E.consolidate
val consolidateLazy = E.consolidateLazy
fun app f e = E.app (fn (s, b) => f (s, strip b)) e
fun map f e = E.map (aug o f o strip) e
fun fold f x0 e = E.fold (fn ((s, b), x) => f ((s, strip b), x)) x0 e
val realfold = E.fold
val symbols = E.symbols

 * sort: sort the bindings in an environment.
 * This is used for the assignment of dynamic access slots in structure
 * elaborate, for printing, and for other purposes.
 * The bindings are sorted in the following order:
 *   values
 *   constructors
 *   types
 *   signatures
 *   structures
 *   funsigs
 *   functors
 *   fixity declarations
 * It is only correct to sort environments which have no duplicate bindings.
 * All routines which build structure environments maintain this
 * invariant, so it is ok to sort any structure environment using
 * this function.

fun sort env = ListMergeSort.sort B.binderGt (fold (op ::) nil env)

fun filter (e, l) =
    let fun add (sy, e') = bind (sy, look (e, sy), e') handle Unbound => e'
    in foldl add empty l

end (* local *)
end (* structure StaticEnv *)

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