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Revision 1350 - (download) (annotate)
Fri Sep 5 21:34:27 2003 UTC (19 years ago) by mblume
File size: 15085 byte(s)
a lot of Basis hacking, among other things adding slices
This is a list of changes to the SML/NJ Library; the version numbers
correspond to SML/NJ releases.
	Minor modifications to random.sml due to changes to some
	Basis interfaces (slices).
	Significant surgery on bit-array.sml to make it compile with
	new signature MONO_ARRAY.  This will require further cleanup
	in the future.

	Made compilation of int-inf* conditional.  (The Basis now has
	a spec-conforming implementation of IntInf, so the one here is
	no longer needed.)  [-blume]

	Added getDevice function to PP_STREAM signature.

	Avoid poly-eq in Util/parser-comb.sml.

	More cleanup (all in the name of eliminating incomplete matches):
	  - in HTML/html-attrs-fn.sml: fill in missing patterns in two
	    case expressions
	  - in HTML/html-gram: rewrote function groupDefListContents
	    to avoid the (unnecessary) incomplete match
	  - in PP/devices/html-dev.sml: made the implementation of popStyle
	    agree with the comment above it (popStyle on an empty
	    stack is supposed to be a nop)
	  - in PP/src/pp-stream-fn.sml: function setSize: handle case of
	    an empty scanStk
	  - in Util/prime-sizes.sml: raise Fail exceptions instead of
	    Match exceptions when reaching the end of a list
	    (Perhaps this should eventually be rewritten using an on-demand
	     prime-number generator that kicks when needed.)

	Cleanup logic in Scan.scanf function.

	Fixed bug in formating reals with the %g format.

	Fixed a bug in MatchTree.nth (regexp library).  Thanks to
	Sami Nopanen.

	Fixed bug in IntInf module: scanning of hex literals was not
	handling "0x" prefixes.

	Added ControlUtil module and stringControls function.

	Added tyName field to ValueSyntax exception in Controls module
	and path field to registry tree in ControlRegistry module.

	Added == and != operators to INT_INF interface.  These are a
	placeholder until IntInf moves into the SML/NJ compiler.

	Added mergeWith function to ORD_MAP interface.

	Revised Controls library.

	Added Matthias Blume's implementation of Danvey-style format
	combinators to the Util library.

	Merged in Matthias Blume's Controls library.  Warning: the API
	to this library is likely to change as we get some experience
	with it.

	Added consR1 .. consR5 functions to HashCons library.  These
	can be used to hash-cons record types.

	Fixed infinite loop in LeftPriorityQFn.fromList when given a
	singleton list as input (Chris Okasaki provided the fix).

	Added implementation of priority queues to Util library (using
	Okasaki's leftist-tree implementation).

	Added new HashCons library.

	Added PrimeSizes module to Util library.

	Fixed bug in UnixEnv module (reported by Leunga).

	Added addrToString function to SockUtil module in INet library.

	Modified GraphSCC module to support a list of roots (Blume).
	The old interface still works, but will be dropped when we move
	to the new Util library.

	Added partition function to ORD_SET interface.

	Added hasProps function to PropList module.

	Minor bug fix in GetOpt: don't pad the help string, since it causes
	line wraps when one of the help lines is longer than the screen
	width.  It was also unneccesary.

	Added inDomain function to the various kinds of hash tables.

	Fixed bug in {Int,Word}RedBlackMapFn.insert (bug 1591).

	Added the bit operations to the IntInf module (Leung).

	Added where clause to GraphSCCFn result signature (Blume).

	Made the result signature of the RegExpFn functor be opaque.

	SML/NJ 110.0.7 release.

	Added Word versions of hash tables (WordHashTable), finite
	maps (WordRedBlackMap), and sets (WordRedBlackSet).

	fixed bug in Format module (infinity caused infinite loop).

	added anchored paths in CM files for NEW_CM.

	added implementation of LWORD in Format module.

	Fixed bug in dfa-engine.sml (bug number 1559).

	Added setFn to PList.newProp return type.

	Added sameHolder function to PropList module.

	Fixed a bug in the filter/filteri hash table functions: the number
	of items in the table was not being recomputed.

	Added modify and modifyi iterators to hash tables.

	Added anchorLink style to HTMLDev structure in PP/devices.

	Added IntHashTable structure to Util library; this structure is
	a specialization of hash tables to integer keys.

	Added default cases to avoid "match not exhaustive" warnings.

	Added GraphSCCFn functor to Util library, which implements a
	strongly-connected components algorithm on directed graphs (written
	by Matthias Blume).

	Fixed a benign type error in RegExp/BackEnd/fsm.sml that was exposed by
	the previous change.

	Made the result signatures of ListSetFn and ListMapFn opaque.

	Fixed bug in PP/devices/sources.cm under new CM (missing smlnj-lib.cm).

	Fixed bug in RedBlack trees (the linear time construction of
	trees from ordered sequences was producing backwards trees).

	Changed UREF signature so that union, unify, and link operations
	now return a boolean.

	Added peekFn to PropList.newProp return result.

	Added TextIOPP structure to pp-lib.cm (it was not being exported).

	Changed the getOpt API.  Errors are now reported using a callback
	and both usage and getOpt take records as arguments.  Also changed
	the NoArg descriptor to take a function so that imperative argument
	processing can be supported.

	Changed CM files to be compatible with both the old (110.0.x) and
	new (110.20+) versions of CM.

	Added PropList:PROP_LIST structure.  This structure implements
	property lists using Stephen Weeks's technique.

	Improved the red-black tree implementations with linear-time union,
	intersection, difference, and filter operations.  Also reimplemented
	the delete function in a way that does not require an extra constructor.

	Added Red-Black-Tree implementation of sets and maps.  Two new
	functors (RedBlackMapFn and RedBlackSetFn) and four new structures
	(IntRedBlackMap, IntRedBlackSet, AtomIntRedBlackMap, and IntRedBlackSet).
	Also added aliases AtomMap and AtomSet that for the RB implementations.

	Added missing support for WORD and WORD8 format items to Format structure.
	Still need to handle LWORD items!!

	Added DynamicArray:DYNAMIC_ARRAY structure.

	Added declarative representation of pretty-printing to PPStreamFn.
	This replaces the PPDescFn and PP_DESC components (which were not
	implemented anyway).

	Moved SockUtil structure into a new INet library.  Also split out the
	Unix-specific socket operations into a UnixSockUtil module.  (Sockets
	are now supported on Win32).

	Added listKeys function to ORD_MAP API.

	Added Riccardo Pucella's GetOpt structure to Util library.

	Added singleton and inDomain functions to ORD_MAP API.

	Merged in some bug fixes from the compiler's version of the IntInf

	Fixed a couple of bugs in the PP library having to do with nesting
	absolute and relative indentations.

	Added a way to pass control information to a PP device via the PP
	stream (function control in PP_STREAM).

	Added better style support to the HTML PP device.

	Added isEmpty predicate and first fucntion to ORD_MAP
	signature (and to implementations).

	Fixed a bug in ParserComb.bind (reported by Andrew Kennedy).

[1998-04-15] 110 --> 110.5

There is now a regular expression library (mostly implemented by Riccardo
Pucella).  The implementation separates front-ends (which specify the
syntax of REs) from back-ends (which implement the matching algorithms).
Currently, we support AWK syntax as the only front-end and two different

Added an implementation of the SML/NJ PP API to the pretty-printer examples.

Fixed a bug in the IntInf structure with scanning strings of the form "1+2".
Also did some clean-up of the code.

[1997-12-07] 109.32 --> 110

Added the function add' to the ORD_SET signature and the function insert'
to the ORD_MAP signature.  These functions fit the pattern of the fold
functions. (110 patch 3)

Added the IntInf:INT_INF structure to the Util library.  This is a subset
of the optional IntInf structure defined by the SML'97 basis.

Changed the Rand structure to use words as seeds and results.  This also
fixes bug 1047. (110 patch 3)

Added a clear operation to the Queue and various hash table structures.

Changed the ListFormat.formatList to ListFormat.fmt and ListFormat.scanList
to ListFormat.scan.  Added the function ListFormat.listToString.

Updated the HTML library to the final 3.2 specification.  This involved adding
a new BODY element type (with attributes).  Also, removed the header/footer
arguments to the pretty-printer (they were a gross hack).

Added PathUtil structure to Util library.  This is a more general version
of the old UnixPath module.

[1997-10-01] 109.31 --> 109.32

Changed the type of the exec instruction in the Reactive library.

[1997-09-09] 109.30 --> 109.31

Added the Reactive library, which supports reactive scripting.  This is a
first cut, and hasn't been extensively tested.

Changed the names of SockUtil.sock{Recv,Send}* to SockUtil.{recv,send}*
(since the sock prefix was redundant).

Added some bug fixes to IntListSet that had previously been added to
the ListSetFn implementation.

[1997-07-17] 109.29 --> 109.30

Added a missing case to {ListSetFn,IntListSet}.isSubset.

The bug fix for unionWith was broken.  I think I've got it right this

[1997-07-17] 109.29 --> 109.30

Fixed a bug in the binary-tree and splay-tree implementations of the
unionWith[i] and intersectWith[i] functions.  The bug caused the order
of arguments to the merging function to be wrong in some cases.

Fixed uses of System.Unsafe.

Removed Array2:ARRAY2 from Util library, since the basis now defines these.

Added MonoArrayFn functor for easy creation of monomorphic array structures.

Added Atom.atom' operation for turning substrings into atoms.

[1997-06-13] 109.28 --> 109.29

Added collate operation to ORD_MAP signature.

Added compare operation to ORD_SET signature.

Changed the type of and intersectWith[i] in the ORD_MAP signature to be
more general.

Changed the type of the map function in the ORD_SET signature to return
a new set (instead of a list).

[1997-05-22] 109.27 --> 109.28

Changed various sharing constraints to "where type" definitions to
compile in SML'97.

Added AtomBinaryMap and AtomBinarySet structures to Util library.

[1997-03-03] 109.25.1 --> 109.25.2

Changed Util/time-limit.sml to reflect new location of callcc/throw.

[1997-02-25] 109.25 --> 109.25.1

Added a bunch of new operations to the ordered map modules (BinaryMapFn,
IntBinaryMap, ListMapFn, IntListFn, and SplayMapFn).  The new operations
    val unionWith  : ('a * 'a -> 'a) -> ('a map * 'a map) -> 'a map
    val unionWithi : (Key.ord_key * 'a * 'a -> 'a) -> ('a map * 'a map) -> 'a map
    val intersectWith  : ('a * 'a -> 'a) -> ('a map * 'a map) -> 'a map
    val intersectWithi : (Key.ord_key * 'a * 'a -> 'a) -> ('a map * 'a map) -> 'a map
    val filter  : ('a -> bool) -> 'a map -> 'a map
    val filteri : (Key.ord_key * 'a -> bool) -> 'a map -> 'a map
    val mapPartial  : ('a -> 'b option) -> 'a map -> 'b map
    val mapPartiali : (Key.ord_key * 'a -> 'b option) -> 'a map -> 'b map

Added IOUtil : IO_UTIL structure to the Util library.  This provides
support for dynamically rebinding stdIn and stdOut.

Added KeywordFn functor to the Util library.  This provides support for
implementing scanners, where keyword recognition is done outside the
basic lexical analysis.

Fixed several bugs in the ListSetFn functor.

[1997-01-10] 109.23 --> 109.24

interfaces to provide two forms of the listItems function.  listItemsi
returns a list of (key, value) pairs and listItems returns just the values.
The previous version of listItems was like listItemsi.

Added a missing case for BASEFONT in CheckHTMLFn.check.

[1996-12-07] 109.21.1 --> 109.22

Changed the MONO_DYNAMIC_ARRAY signature to make array an eqtype (also changed
the implementation of DynamicArrayFn).

Fixed a bug in Array2.column

[1996-10-18] 109.19 --> 109.20

Added functions for sending/receiving strings over TCP sockets to the
SockUtil structure.

Fixed a bug with reading on a closed socket in SockUtil.sockRecvVec

Fixed a bug in the implementation of the intersection operation
in binary sets (BinarySetFn and IntBinarySet).

[1996-10-01] 109.18 --> 109.19

Updated the HTML library to the August 21 version of the 3.2 DTD.

Added html-defaults.sml to the HTML Library.

Added Parsing combinators to the Util library.

Added Socket utilities to the Unix library.

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