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View of /sml/trunk/src/smlnj-lib/README

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Sat Oct 4 23:33:09 1997 UTC (24 years, 11 months ago) by monnier
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Initial revision
This is substantially new version of the SML/NJ Library.  It is
now organized into a utility library, and a collection of application
libraries; each with its own subdirectory.  Here is a roadmap of
the library structure:

  Directory	Sources File		Description
  Util		smlnj-lib.cm		This is the general utility library.

  Compat	smlnj-lib-93.cm		This is a compatibility library that is
					mostly compatible with the 0.93 version
					of the SML/NJ library.  Eventually, this
					will go away.

  HTML		html-lib.cm		This library provides parsing and pretty
					printing of HTML (Version 3.2).

  Unix		unix-lib.cm		Unix specific utilities (including

  Reactive	reactive-lib.cm		A low-level reactive scripting library.

The first column is the source directory, the second gives the library sources
file alias (to be used in your application's sources.cm file), and the third
column gives a brief description.  Look at the Doc dicrectory and at the README
files in the individual subdirectories for more documentation.

NOTE: the networking code will probably move into its own library in the
near future.  We are developing a collection of modules for various network
services (e.g., NNTP).

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