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[diderot] Diff of /trunk/TODO
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Diff of /trunk/TODO

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revision 1348, Wed Jun 15 16:53:52 2011 UTC revision 1349, Wed Jun 15 16:54:05 2011 UTC
# Line 254  Line 254 
254  //    raised at c-target/c-target.sml:47.15-47.19  //    raised at c-target/c-target.sml:47.15-47.19
255  //field#4(3)[] F = img ⊛ bspln5;  //field#4(3)[] F = img ⊛ bspln5;
 error in addEdge(ENTRY01D8,NULL0006)  
 uncaught exception Fail [Fail: setPred on NULL node NULL0006]  
   raised at common/phase-timer.sml:76.50-76.52  
   raised at IL/ssa-fn.sml:308.7-308.9  
   raised at IL/ssa-fn.sml:245.26-245.70  

Removed from v.1348  
changed lines
  Added in v.1349

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