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Wed Aug 18 17:42:53 2010 UTC (11 years, 10 months ago) by jhr
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  Starting to document the Diderot Basis
%!TEX root = report.tex
\chapter{The Diderot Basis Environment}

\section{Overloaded operators}

\section{Other operators}

\newcommand{\FNSPEC}[3]{\item[\normalfont\texttt{#1} : \texttt{#2} ${\rightarrow}$ \texttt{#3}]\mbox{}\\}
    returns the cosine of its argument.
  \FNSPEC{max}{(\kw{real}, \kw{real})}{\kw{real}}
    returns the minimum of its two arguments.
  \FNSPEC{min}{(\kw{real}, \kw{real})}{\kw{real}}
    returns the maximum of its two arguments.
  \FNSPEC{pow}{(\kw{real}, \kw{real})}{\kw{real}}
    returns the first argument raised to the power of the second argument.
    returns the sine of its argument.

Diderot knows about a number of standard convolution kernels, which are described in the
following table:
  \begin{tabular}{r@{ \texttt{:} }lp{3.5in}}
    \multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{Specification}} & \textbf{Description} \\ \hline
    \texttt{bspln3} & \kw{kernel\#}\texttt{2} & cubic bspline reconstruction (does not interpolate) \\
    \texttt{bspln5} & \kw{kernel\#}\texttt{4} & quintic bspline reconstruction (does not interpolate) \\
    \texttt{ctmr} & \kw{kernel\#}\texttt{2} & Catmull-Rom interpolation \\
    \texttt{tent} & \kw{kernel\#}\texttt{0} & linear interpolation \\ \hline

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