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[diderot] Diff of /trunk/doc/report/grammar-defs.tex
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Diff of /trunk/doc/report/grammar-defs.tex

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revision 99, Fri May 28 00:14:34 2010 UTC revision 100, Fri May 28 14:45:44 2010 UTC
# Line 144  Line 144 
144      \RHS{\term{Float}}      \RHS{\term{Float}}
145      \RHS{\term{String}}      \RHS{\term{String}}
146      \RHS{\kw{(} \nt{Expr} \LISTGRP{\kw{,} \nt{Expr}} \kw{)}}      \RHS{\kw{(} \nt{Expr} \LISTGRP{\kw{,} \nt{Expr}} \kw{)}}
147      \RHS{\kw{$|$} \nt{Expr} \kw{$|$}}      \RHS{\kw{|} \nt{Expr} \kw{|}}
148    \end{Rules}}    \end{Rules}}
149  \newcommand{\ArgumentsRULES}{  \newcommand{\ArgumentsRULES}{
150    \begin{Rules}{Arguments}    \begin{Rules}{Arguments}

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