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[diderot] Diff of /trunk/rtest/scripts/run_sh.in
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Diff of /trunk/rtest/scripts/run_sh.in

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revision 1181, Wed May 11 12:51:49 2011 UTC revision 1182, Wed May 11 12:54:41 2011 UTC
# Line 48  Line 48 
48          echo "$t is okay"          echo "$t is okay"
49          rm -f $t.c $t.o $t $t.log mip.txt          rm -f $t.c $t.o $t $t.log mip.txt
50        else        else
51          echo "result if bad ($result)" >> $REPORT          echo "result is bad ($result)" >> $REPORT
52          echo "$t failed"          echo "$t failed"
53        fi        fi
54      else      else

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