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[diderot] Diff of /trunk/src/include/Diderot/diderot.h
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Diff of /trunk/src/include/Diderot/diderot.h

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revision 1379, Thu Jun 23 14:48:07 2011 UTC revision 1380, Thu Jun 23 19:20:07 2011 UTC
# Line 55  Line 55 
55  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage2D (Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image2D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage2D (Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image2D_t **img);
56  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage3D (Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image3D_t **img);  extern Status_t Diderot_LoadImage3D (Diderot_string_t name, Diderot_image3D_t **img);
58  /* function to get information about the CPU configuration */  #ifdef DIDEROT_TARGET_CL
59    #include "shadow-types.h"
60    #endif
62  //! Summary information about the CPU configuration.  //! Summary information about the CPU configuration.
63  typedef struct {  typedef struct {

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