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[diderot] Diff of /web/htdocs/index.html
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Diff of /web/htdocs/index.html

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revision 1682, Thu Jan 5 12:53:29 2012 UTC revision 1683, Thu Jan 5 23:28:06 2012 UTC
# Line 32  Line 32 
32      <div id="contentContainer"><!-- Start main content wrapper -->      <div id="contentContainer"><!-- Start main content wrapper -->
33        <div id="content"><!-- Start content -->        <div id="content"><!-- Start content -->
34          <h1 class="">News</h1>          <h1 class="">News</h1>
35          <h3>[2011-08-04] New website design</h3>          <h3>[2012-01-06] New website design</h3>
36          <p>          <p>
37            New website design            New website design
38          </p>          </p>

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